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  • Improve and optimise your gut health so you can be symptom-free
  • I use my nutritional expertise and personal experience of gut issues to ensure that you reach your goals and can continue to be symptom-free in the future
  • Create new and inspiring dietary habits that lead to a happier, healthier gut and better health and wellbeing
  • Get back your vitality and feel good again

Having had digestive issues myself

These are just some of the common questions I get asked


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Work with me to uncover the root cause of your symptoms using functional testing where appropriate to get a fuller picture of what’s happening in your body and use holistic nutrition and lifestyle changes to provide the best outcomes for you.

One-To-One Nutrition Programmes

My one-to-one bespoke nutrition programmes are designed to cut through the confusion and give you practical solutions to take control of your health. We all have unique physiology and a ‘one size fits all approach’ does NOT work. We need to uncover your specific root cause(s) to see progress and results.

The first step is a full symptoms analysis, medical history, and diet and lifestyle assessment. I will be with you every step of your journey and tailor your programme to fit your lifestyle and needs. Each plan takes a multi-factor approach, focusing on dietary elements, stress management, sleep and movement. These are key pillars on your journey to better health and we need to look at all of them to give you the best chance of success.

I offer various programmes (depending on the level of support you need) to give you the greatest value and optimal results.

This typically ranges from my one-off Wellness Health Check (starting at £495) to my in-depth 12-week programmes (payment plans are available).

You can start straight away, just click the button below to book your free consultation.

However you choose to work with me, I provide practical solutions to help you take control of your health. My approach is simple but very effective and has worked for myself and my clients.

My 12-week 1:1 programmes allow us to work at a deeper level and at a pace suitable for you. There is also the option to continue with monthly support once the programme ends if needed.

The easiest way for us to start working together is through an initial consultation and functional testing.

This allows me to get a detailed picture of your health history and how your diet and lifestyle may be impacting your symptoms. When we get the results of any tests I have ordered, we will have the complete story about your health, which we can use as a benchmark when reviewing your progress.

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