My consultations are online and I can work with clients in any location. Geography is no problem!


I am dedicated to helping you find life-changing symptom relief from your digestive issues. As well as improving digestive symptoms, my signature support system can also address symptoms linked to stress, hormone and thyroid imbalances and autoimmune issues.

Together, we can find the root cause of your symptoms and get you back to feeling like yourself again.

I understand how you feel because I’ve been there too


My gut health had dominated my life since I was in my teens. In my 20s and 30s, I had partied hard and consumed a diet full of unhealthy, processed foods.

I struggled with digestive symptoms such as bloating, belching and abdominal pain for decades.

My Signature System
is based on three pillars

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Uncover what’s happening in your body and identify your personal triggers for symptoms

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Nourish your gut with foods that support a healthy digestive system

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Encourage your body to get into a rest and digest state through relaxation, rest and breathwork

My promises to you

Let me help you to find natural solutions that work for you


  • I aim to give you the tools to improve your health so you can bring the fun and joy back into your life.
  • My approach is results-driven and I am committed to lifelong learning and ongoing CPD. The science of gut health is constantly evolving and it means I can support my clients with the most up-to-date research.
  • By choosing to work with me, you will have someone in your corner who has been on their own journey with their gut health. As a practitioner, I am invested in gaining a deep understanding of your unique health history, challenges and goals.
  • I’ll always listen to you, respect you and provide empathy, support and guidance.

My values in clinic


My personal experience with my own health and clinical experience with clients has taught me that gut health is essential for our overall health.

My top priority as a Nutritional Therapist is to help you achieve a symptom-free life without fear around food.

Everyone has the right to thrive and not just survive. That’s why I set up my practice with these values in mind so that all clients can trust my promise to deliver compassionate support and empowerment at every step of the journey

Compassion & empathy at every stage of your journey

Understanding you and supporting you wherever you are on your health journey, from a place of experience and empathy.

Providing you with the tools to resolve symptoms and stay symptom-free

To provide the foundations to optimise your gut health and become the architect of your health journey so that you have the tools and courage to take control of your health, both now and in the future.

Helping you to believe that you CAN feel better when you understand the what & why

Everyone deserves to feel better and to know that there are solutions that work – you don’t have to live with symptoms forever!

A few more facts about me

In addition to running my busy private practice, I also freelance for a UK-based clinic specialising in women’s hormone health and work as part of the Clinical Supervision team at the University of West London in supporting final-year Nutritional Therapy students to hone their clinical skills in preparation for independent practice.

“Food is like medicine, it is medicine, and it’s our No.1 tool for creating the vibrant health we deserve”

Dr Mark Hyman

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