Success Stories

Constipation, rare autoimmune eye condition, thyroid imbalance


“I had some knowledge before working with Kal but it was conflicting and quite negative i.e. don’t eat this. It left me not knowing what to eat and actually scared of food. I was worried I was doing damage or making my health worse. It’s been invaluable having help and someone to turn to when I don’t know what to do. It’s given me a sense of agency over my life, even when poor health has made me feel I’ve lost control. I feel as though I am strengthening my body to deal with any treatment I may need to face in the future. Changes have been incorporated gently so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Kal is very kind, with a sense of humanity and understanding that goes beyond the call of duty. Her knowledge is exceptional with a passion for the job that shines through. I feel incredibly well supported and it’s given me a focus in what felt like a hopeless and helpless situation. I’m so glad I started this process and am very grateful for Kal’s support.” – Rachel


Breast cancer history – acid reflux, constipation, menopausal issue – anxiety, tiredness, insomnia and loss of appetite


“Before working with Kal, I wasn’t confident in my food choices and supplements and wanted to change that. My anxiety has improved a lot and mentally, I feel a lot happier.

I think that eating healthier has definitely helped stablilise my hormones. I have more energy and appetite than before. I still get dips in the month but that’s to be expected with hormone fluctuations. I am gradually putting on weight, which has been one of my targets. Now I have more energy, I can go to the gym, which I didn’t have the energy or mindset for.

I definitely recommend working with Kal. It will change your mindset on how you see food and you will become more creative and mindful of what you eat. Your health is the most important aspect of your life so it’s a very wise investment!” – Alicia


Migraines, gastrointestinal symptoms and a sugar-heavy diet


“Since working with Kal, I have formed new positive habits, mostly around snacking and reducing the amount of sugar I consume. I enjoyed getting to know myself better

I am no longer taking medications for migraines and my migraine attacks are reduced despite not taking them. Since working with Kal, I have had three long stretches without attacks, which is significant progress.

Kal listens to your unique set of circumstances and supports you in a bespoke and respectful way. I appreciated the initial look at my test results and basing the interventions on them.” – Helen


Diverticulitis, allergies and fatigue


”Working with Kal has been amazing. The best bits were hearing about my test results and experiencing the effects of the changes I have implemented.

Sometimes it felt a little overwhelming, but Kal was able to reassure me. I would recommend Kal’s services as your health is priceless and this could change your life. I now feel much more in control of my life – the allergies have almost disappeared, sleep is much better, no tiredness in the day and I have experienced weight loss. I also now have less pain associated with my diverticulitis.” – Collette


IBS, food sensitivities, acid reflux and bile issues


“I have seen an improvement in my physical health (less fatigue, knees not as sore and more like I used to feel), improved nutrition (more balanced and directed towards my personal needs), as well as some weight loss.

I feel healthier and happier in myself. I’m much more educated and committed to eating well as I understand it and can feel the benefits of doing so.

Working with Kal is a financial and lifestyle commitment but the benefits of tailored support and advice mean it is a worthwhile investment, particularly in relation to our quality of life as we age and taking the time to learn what works for you. I enjoyed the sessions with Kal, and found them very informative as she worked intuitively with me, ensured and encouraged my participation throughout, and my opinion felt valued..” – Sarah

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