Nutrition MOT

If you don’t make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness

  • Not sure if your nutrition is really supporting your health?
  • Wondering whether you’re taking the right supplements or even if you actually need supplements at all?
  • Do you have a health condition and want to know how nutrition can help to manage it?
  • Ready to get proactive with your health and get targeted nutrition, lifestyle and supplement advice?

We put up with our body’s lack of energy or little niggles day in, day out. In doing so, we are failing to invest in our health, making any number of excuses to do nothing. We read a lot and hear a lot and it can feel a little overwhelming. We end up feeling unsure if what we are eating is healthy. Does this sound familiar?

Feeling in need of a Nutrition MOT? My Nutrition MOT is the perfect choice in offering you clarity in getting the best out of your diet with simple and actionable steps for any niggling health concerns you may have. It is a chance to review your diet, your supplements and gain an overall assessment of your nutritional health.

During this one-off Nutrition MOT Power Hour, we can discover your unique nutritional health status before identifying any potential imbalances and nutritional deficiencies that may be contributing to your symptoms. We cover the basics such as food choices, hydration, sleep, movement and stress management to start to get you back to feeling your vibrant self again.

Benefits to signing up for the Nutrition MOT


  • Practical, sustainable and personalised nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to work towards
  • 10% discount on recommended supplements
  • Supplement review and check against your current medication, if applicable
  • A dedicated hour with all your questions answered
  • You will leave feeling motivated and with peace of mind knowing what is right for you.

The Nutrition MOT includes:


I truly believe in the power of nourishing the body with nutrient dense, real foods that are right for you and I’ve seen the transformational effects in both myself and my clients.

I can’t wait to see how your health can start to change when you understand how to get the most from your nutrition.

  • Completion of a health questionnaire and 3 day food diary (required in advance so we can understand your current health goals)
  • Foundational health assessment and review of your current diet & lifestyle
  • 60 minute online Nutrition MOT consultation, meaning geography is no problem!
  • In-depth health history and nutritional assessment to identify patterns, behaviours and potential nutrient deficiencies
  • Email support, resources and recipe guidance to keep you inspired
  • Check in after 4 – 6 weeks to review your plan and progress
  • Test recommendations where appropriate

Are you ready to book your Nutrition MOT?

Nutrition MOT

Your Nutrition MOT is an investment of just £185

Once you have booked, keep an eye out for your Health Questionnaire. Booking in for a Nutrition MOT is so easy! Just click on the button below and sign up today

*Please disclose any history of cancer, diagnosed kidney/liver issues or any history of eating disorders before booking


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Not sure if the Nutrition MOT is the best way forward for you? Let’s get started with a free 30 min consultation to have a chat and answer any questions you may have.

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I’m ready to get started

The Nutrition MOT is perfect if you are not quite ready to commit to one of my longer programmes

More in-depth programmes


The Nutrition MOT is suitable for anyone; however, it is a one off commitment. It does not address more complex health issues. For complex health goals, one of my personalised programmes will be better suited to you.

For a deep dive into the root cause of dysfunction, I offer functional lab testing as a basis for an individualised protocol. You can see the functional lab testing I offer here.

If you wish to start with my Nutrition MOT and want to upgrade to one of my programmes, the cost of your single session can be redeemed against the programme.

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